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About Us

TCTLE is a place for WOC makers of all kinds to feel supported while trying to navigate spaces not built for them.

Our Purpose
We create space and provide opportunities for creative WOC to profit from their craft and grow within their industry. Our ultimate goal is to help close the gap in paid opportunities for women of color .

Our Values
Authenticity (no bullshit)
We lead with honesty, kindness and humor. If it doesn’t feel right, we don’t do it.
Sharing is caring. Let's learn from each other and not gate keep information.
Nuance intersectionality reigns
We recognize that not all experiences are the same and seek POVs that consider existences outside of our own .

About Our Founder
Portrait of Deepa Shanbhag who is wearing a black long sleeve shirt and red wooden earrings in the shape of a comb pick. The handle is in the shape of the silhouette of a Black woman. Deepa's hair is in braids and she wears glasses.
Deepa Shanbhag is a graphic designer and an educator based in New York. She has worked primarily in-house with notable fashion brands to help market their collections and often found that she was one of the few, if not only, WOC on her creative team. She was inspired to build TCTLE to help alleviate other women of color from feeling like the "other" in the creative workplace. Deepa is also the maker behind all the TCTLE Exclusives.

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