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WOC-Run Brands We've Bought From Personally 💵

Collage of six products made by women of color.

We've found that we've made the biggest shifts in who we shop from, just by being introduced to a new business at the right time. Think of how often you buy your paper goods or beauty products from the same brand. Or have your go-to stores for home goods or clothing. Our favorites are favorites for a reason, but that doesn't mean we can't have new favorites, right? 

Below is a running list of cool items we’ve bought and the Women of Color we’ve bought it from.

If you’ve purchased something you love and it was made by a WOC, post about it on your social platforms and use the hashtag #WOCMakerShoutout. That way we all have a go-to source if we’re in the market for something new ✨


Lapel pin in the shape of a red gummy bear

Lapel Pin by Candys Kloset

While cleaning up our space recently, we found the pieces we bought from candyskloset a few months ago. We love—LOVE accessories that take the shape of other things, so we bought ourselves two pairs of earrings in the shape of food, a lapel pin in the shape of a gummy bear, and a keychain for our best friend whose go-to candy are peach rings.⁠ Shop Now

Two pieces of art framed. On the left it's a pencil sketch of two people. On the right, it's a drawing that says, "unite against hate"

Artwork by Various Arts

We're homebodies, so decorating our space is one of our favorite ways to relax. Here's to Jennet Liaw, the designer of the print on the right, and BLK MKT Vintage , where we purchased the artwork on the left⁠.


 Gold statement necklace on a yellow velvet pillow. Statement necklace says "intersectional".

Necklace by Brownie Points for You

We’ve sang the praises of Brownie Points for You in our personal life, many a time. Spoiler alert—this isn’t even gonna be the only time on *this* platform. The shop is our aspirational vision board come to life with its well designed goods and statements that makes you say, “you gotdamn right”. We bought this necklace in particular not as a declaration to the world, but more as a reminder to ourselves to always do better than what we currently do. Shop Now

Image of a dog tag in the shape of the rapper, Drake, crying.

Pet ID Tag by Trill Paws

Here are two things you need to know about us: we love our dog and we love a pop culture reference. Enter, Trill Paws . Admittedly, we didn't intentionally seek to purchase from a WOC when in search of items for our Chief Naps Officer, Lucas. Truly, it took months of scouring Etsy just to find the perfect collar to replace his old one—a purple martingale with flying unicorns—that we loved dearly. The Crying Drake dog tag, pays homage to our (us, Lucas, and we guess Drake's) shared flair for the dramatic. It was a happy bonus to find that Trill Paws is a Black womxn-owned business.⁠ Shop Now

Laptop case with black, white, brown geometric design.

Laptop Case by Rayna Lucier

We came across Rayna Lucier at one of our jobs. It thrills us when we cross paths with another Black female graphic designer but even if we didn't have that in common, we liked her taste. We watched as she developed her style, became a fan of her color palettes and, more recently, her illustration style. When she opened her Society 6 store this past year, we were thrilled at the opportunity to own something with a print she designed. It was a tough call, but we opted for a much needed laptop case for work.⁠ Shop Now

Knit hat in light gray

Hat by Sweetly Versatile

Just because we knit and crochet, doesn't mean we don't purchase products made by other yarn crafters. We're just extra picky about our selection. Brittanya of Sweetly Versatile is someone we came across a couple of times on the vending/market circuit. Last instance was in the winter of 2019 at the Uptown Underground Market . Her technique is clean, which is why we admire her work. The hat is a beautifully made item that fits our big head without being too snug.⁠ Shop Now

A hologram sticker of an elder Sudanese woman wrapped in a tobe.

Sticker by Dar Al Naim

This Dar Al Naim Sudania Universe sticker is one of our favorite pieces. We struggled with our place in the world for a bit. Still kinda do at some moments. We're first-gen American born to an Indian father and a South Sudanese mother. The split in culture meant we personally never felt complete enough for one community. We did spend a lot of our childhood with the local Sudanese crowd, thanks to our mother, so any little reminders of Sudan and its people makes us feel warm. Today we celebrate Dar Al Naim, a brilliant artist who creates pieces filled with a lot of emotion and color and life. Shop Now

Circle stud earrings with denim encased in yellow brass.

Earrings by Maiden Denim

Maiden Denim is another maker we came across while vending at the Uptown Underground Market last Winter. We tend to gravitate towards jewelry (earrings especially) that are in the shape of something else, whether it be posts in the shape of animals or dangles in the shape of combs. We loved that these earrings, like all Maiden Denim jewelry, are made of actual denim. Shop Now

Brass coil ring in the shape of a snake

Snake Ring by Luni

Considering most of our life has been spent in the workplace, it should come as no surprise that we were heavily inspired by yet another co-worker. This time, it was her ability to stack rings so effortlessly. So many shapes. So sparkly. Now, while we won't dare to claim we're as great at it as she is, we have been working towards a collection ourselves that we're pretty proud of. Our latest addition comes thanks to Luni. We were in search of a statement ring and fell for the Snake Ring, with its beautiful brass that coils up our finger. Check out our Market for some Luni pieces and for their extended collection. Shop Now

Lit candle with a tropical scent. Scent is called "Wash Day".

Candle by Cavo Candles

We don't know about you, but we grew up with a mother that loved scents. Room sprays, Sudanese bakhoor and those little cans with the very fragrant scented felt bricks, were her go-tos. The first 10 seconds were always ok, but she loved to spray/burn/use too much, which always left us with a headache. All this to say it took us a long while to see the appeal of essential oils or even scented candles. Now, while we're many steps away from being true converts, we did buy our first ever scented candle from Cavo Candles and we love it! The notes of mango, pineapple, coconut milk and sugar smell like our favorite kinds of hair product and doesn’t give us a headache. It even comes with a curated playlist to truly set the vibe. Shop Now

Three enamel pins. One is the shape of a Pantone chip except it's all brown tones and labeled "melatone beauty". Second one says "Black Women Don't Owe You Free Labor" in gold on Black. Third is in the shape of gold scissors.

Enamel Pins by Coloring Pins

We became fans of enamel pins when a friend of ours gifted us one years ago depicting '80s Oprah in her big hair glory. While searching for more to buy, we came across Coloring Pins . We immediately loved her references to Black pop culture both in her product and her card backings. Our first purchase was the Melatone pin (perfectly on-brand for a Black graphic designer like ourselves), but we've built up a tiny collection since then. Shop Now

Long jacket made of mudcloth. Yellow cuffs on sleeves.

Jacket by Ites Int

This is another beautiful item we picked up while vending at Uptown Underground Market . We are the biggest fans of comfortable (often oversized) clothing and this handmade Ites Int piece fit the bill. It's a perfect layer made of mudcloth, that comes with large pockets, a hoodie shawl and beautiful details. It's truly like a blanket that you can still wear to a work meeting. Shop Now

Close-up of collared shirt with burgundy and white pattern.

Shirt by Istani

We’ve talked about Tehmina before, as we have the honor of selling some of her product in our Market. What we haven’t mentioned is that we also own an Istanioriginal—a patterned long-sleeved shirt purchased when we vended together a couple of years ago. We love the energy of this design, and the fabric and cut makes us feel sophisticated. Don't ask us how, it’s just a 〰️ vibe 〰️. Shop Now

Bar soap stacked. Tan bar on top of an orange, white and green one.

Soaps by i.e. spa indulgences

We decided to switch to handmade bath product a couple of years ago when our then routine caused excessive dryness that resulted in lost pigmentation and incredibly rough patches of skin. We were so sensitive about the switch, that it was a struggle to find product that we trusted.

i.e. spa indulgences is another business we vended alongside last Winter at Artists & Fleas . While we never had the opportunity to spend time with the founder, Renee, we did get to meet Ami. She made for an excellent neighbor who not only shared the wisdom of vendor life, but also which soaps we’d enjoy the most once we were ready to make a purchase. We love the range of scents and how gentle these products are. Shop Now

Stationary: 1) Greeting card with illustrated breasts that says "You Are the Tits". 2) Orange popsicle sticker that says "Fuck Ice" on the stick. 3) Hologram sticker that has two arms hand embracing and says "Not Me, Us". 4) Sticker of a brown woman in a pink hijab. Sticker says, "Inclusivity Matters".

Stickers & Stationary by Bloody Girl Gang

Today we're talking about Bloody Girl Gang who we came across on Instagram. We love a good product, but we L O V E clear, consistent, and beautifully designed branding, and this maker delivers. It was tough to choose what to buy, but we settled for a few stickers and a card that we can't wait to display in our home. Shop Now

Six hair pins in various shapes resin mold shapes: 1) Two purplish pink hearts, 2) Two yellow hearts, 3) One mint green hearts 4) Dried flowers encased in resin.

Hair pins by Tetel-Cats & Jewelry

With the salons closed, we’re back to doing our own hair. To keep it interesting and motivate us to get through wash day with our 4C roots with relaxed ends, we think of these sweet hairpins we bought from Tetel-Cats & Jewelry. We vended alongside her last holiday and we were captivated by her full table of all hand-casted, resin pieces. We were most intrigued by the set of hairpins in which we could mix and match a set of 6. These cute pins help dress up our bantu knotout and all pair well with our matching sweats. Shop Now

Red wooden earrings in the shape of comb pick. Handle is the silouhette of a woman with an afro.

Earrings by Bella’s Goodies

So what we’ve learned while vending over the last couple of years is that the bonds with neighboring merchants basically make or break your experience, especially if you’re operating your table by yourself. Thankfully, we’ve always been blessed with nice neighbors—including Bella's Goodies . We spent two full days working across from each other last year and, in addition to having great product, we truly admired how dedicated she was to her customers. We LOVE a strong statement piece, especially in the form of jewelry, so these wood earrings were a no-brainer purchase from her table. Shop Now

4 Oz Jar of Body Butter

Body Butter by Body Vanity

We once had a coworker who had a large bottle of lotion at their desk and who would just would apply and re apply to their hands and arms throughout the day. That’s the person we aspire to be: our rarely ashy co-worker. All that to say, we’ve tried a bunch of products throughout the years, but our two go-to recommendations are Body Vanity and The Celestine Collection . The former creates a custom lotion based on your selection (ours include ingredients such has mango butter and peppermint) and the latter creates lotions that have the consistency of a whipped topping, incredibly light and fluffy. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Both are homemade, so you can trust what’s in it. Glorious scents, no sticky feeling, one step closer to not being ashy. Shop Now

Zip clutch with the illustration of various Black and brown people.

Zip Clutch by Brothas N Sistas

We’re not “purse people“. We’re “coat pockets people” and, when we have to, “tote bag people“. When we need something in-between, then we’re “clutch people”. Enter Brothas N Sistas. Arielle was someone we had the pleasure of vending alongside of a couple of years ago. We became SUCH fans of her illustrations that it was really hard deciding what to purchase from her that day (b/c we wanted everything but our wallet pleaded for us to be specific). We ended up buying stickers of ‘90s rappers and this “We the People” clutch. And before you ask, yes, her handmade figurines are on our “Next to Buy” list (when she decides to start selling them, of course). Shop Now

Folded black sweatshirt with the quote "Have we steered you wrong yet? -Black Women" typed out in white.

Sweatshirt by Ackee & Okra

We realized that a lot of the products we’ve bought made by WOC have been purchased in real life. Usually from our fellow vendors during different pop-ups we participate in. It only makes sense to shoutout Uptown Underground Market next as they are a group we love working with every year. Vanessa, Veronica and Andrea host markets in NYC multiple times a year where the vendors are predominately black women, and each year has felt like the best kind of family reunion. All three also make and sell their own things, which is how we ended up buying this sweatshirt by Vanessa. It’s important to celebrate your worth. Shop Now

Yellow velvet throw pillow with a Black embroidery of Beyonce in box braids.

Throw Pillow by Create The Culture

We came across Krystle Collins by chance on IG a couple of years ago while just searching for women who make cool things. We’d been eyeing this “Girls Love Beyoncé” pillow for a minute, but wanted to wait til we had the space for it. The stars aligned and this hand-embroidered(!) beauty made its way into our home, and we’ve (eh? see what we did there? 😉😂) ever since. Shop Now

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