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Interview: Tehmina Brohi of Istani

Portrait of Maker Tehmina Brohi of Istani. She is a Pakistani woman wearing a white turtleneck and a gold chain. Her dark hair is worn down and parted in the center..

Meet Tehmina Brohi, the founder of Istani, an independent clothing label based in New York City. We first crossed paths at a holiday market in Harlem where we were captivated by her product. She shared that they were created using indigenous Pakistani textiles and elements of Pakistani fashion. Her whole brand is deeply influenced by her South Asian roots (she was born and raised in Pakistan) and the diversity and creativity of NYC. Check out below for a little insight into the woman behind the brand.

TCTLE: Why did you start creating?
Tehmina: I believe that clothing provides a unique avenue to tell stories about culture. As such, I am building this fashion brand as a means of showcasing Pakistani and Pakistani-American culture. My vision is ultimately to build a brand that speaks to people of hyphenated and multi-cultural identities everywhere.

T: Why do you continue to create?
TB: I believe that having the resources to create and make a business out of it is my gift and I want to share that with the world. Each piece I create is an opportunity to share a story, to open up possibilities of creativity and entrepreneurship for others. My goal is to build a brand that inspires confidence and creativity in others.

T: Who and what are your favorite music artist(s), movie(s), and/or TV show(s) to listen to when creating?
TB: Depends on my mood. My three go-tos are: Desi oldies, Latino trap, or Instrumental Piano.

Shop the Istani hats, exclusively sold on TCTLE and visit Istani for more on the brand and to shop their full collection.

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