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Interview: Lorenia Henriquez of Luni

Portrait of maker Lorenia Henriquez of Luni. She is a Latina woman with her hands on her hips, looking off into the distance. She wears a white dress and her hair is shoulder length and curly.

Meet Lorenia Henriquez, the founder of Luni, a jewelry brand.

Inspired by ancient cultural symbolism, she started her brand to combine a few different interests and express her creativity in something that can be worn.

Check out below for a little insight into the woman behind the brand.

TCTLE: Why did you start creating?
Lorenia: I started Luni as a way to combine my love of Cultural Anthropology and Fashion. It was a way to express my creativity in a wearable way that was not clothing, but still in that realm.

T: Why do you continue to create?
LH: It’s my life line. Without my creativity, I don’t feel complete. Being creative on a daily basis fuels me. It sustains me. The times in my life where I wasn’t able to be creative, I felt very unhappy and without focus.


T: Who and what are your favorite music artist(s), movie(s), and/or TV show(s) to listen to when creating?
LH: This is a hard question. There are so many. I have trained myself to watch entire seasons of shows while working on collections over the years (I blow through shows quickly like that). Right now, I am currently watching several different shows throughout the week.


T: Who or what inspires you and why?
My main inspirations with Luni are ancient cultures symbolism. My creative process starts with learning about its origins and then taking that information and let it inspire me while honoring it. I also love geometric shapes and use it constantly. One shape I use consistently is the triangle, a symbol we all recognize, but few know its ancient origins. I enjoy honoring its sacred origins by bringing its history through the design.


T: What’s a home good or accessory you own that is special to you and why?
This is a tough question. I have a lot favorites. I think something that I can never leave my home without are my crystals. I feel naked without them and carry them everywhere. I am usually carrying 3 to 6 crystals in my bag at all times.


T: Who are your fave creative WOC and where can we find them on the internet?
I am grateful to be a part of several different directories that feature amazing creative WOC. Two that stand out are Four Shades of Color and Shop Latinx. One of my favorite markets to sell at that always curated with such amazing WOC talent, is Colored Girls Hustle Marketplace.

Shop the Luni product, and visit their site for more on the brand and to shop their full collection.

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