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Interview: Katherine Kisa of K Kisa Fine Art and Craft

Portrait of Maker, Katherine Kisa of K Kisa Fine Art and Craft. She is a Black woman with her arms crossed. Wearing a white sleeveless top, one of her leather cuffs, and her hair is in an afro. Her arms are crossed.

Meet Katherine Kisa, the founder of K Kisa Fine Art and Craft.

Inspired primarily by nature, she started creating because she couldn’t find the one-off, eclectic and artistic pieces she was looking for in stores. What began as a hobby, has rapidly become more.

Check out below for a little insight into the woman behind the brand.

TCTLE: Why did you start creating?
Katherine: I created these pieces because I couldn’t find the one-off, eclectic and artistic pieces I was looking for in stores. What began as a hobby, has rapidly become an outlet for my seemingly endless designs and series. As long as I’m inspired to create new work and push my vision in more challenging directions, I’ll continue to produce new pieces.

T: Why do you continue to create?
KK: I continue to create because the ideas keep coming and I love what I do.


T: Who and what are your favorite music artist(s), movie(s), and/or TV show(s) to listen to when creating?
KK: I listen to a wide variety of music when I create, including hip-hop, world music, jazz and current pop music. I’ll tap my music app, hit shuffle, and then listen to whatever comes next. Regarding TV, I create best to documentaries—especially science and nature. Social and cultural documentaries playing in the background help me disappear into my work.


T: Who or what inspires you and why?
Nature is my primary inspiration, whether I’m crafting my leather pieces or painting canvases. The variety of animal and plant life, the rainbow of colors, the textures and the myriad abstract designs in nature inspire me.


T: What’s a home good or accessory you own that is special to you and why?
The very first leather cuff I made, which was just for me, is very special. I’d never worked in leather or beaded before. I finished it, wore it out on a Saturday walk through NYC, and was stopped three times with offers to buy the cuff off my wrist. This was three years ago. About two hundred one-of-a-kind pieces later pieces later, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface.


T: Who are your fave creative WOC and where can we find them on the internet?
Makeba Kedem-DuBose: @mkdubose_art
Dayo Johnson: @dayoart
Paige Martin: @pmartinbooksand art
Black Women in Visual Art: @blackwomeninvisualart
Deborah E. Roberts: @rdeborah191
Art Girl Rising: @artgirlrising
Aida Muluneh: @aidahmuluneh
Bisa Butler: @bisabutler
Sandra Zebi: @sandrazebi
Apoorva Kasaraneni: @elephantearart
Ngirigiri: @ngirigiri_bags
Zuri: @zurikenya

Additional Inspiration:
Jacques-Antoine Gannat: @african.arty
Ondine Saglio: @ondine_csao

Shop the K Kisa Fine Art and Craft product, and visit their site for more on the brand and to shop their full collection.

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