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A Conversation w/ Kim Alban

A Conversation w/ Kim Alban

On Instagram Live, I had a conversation with Product Designer, Kim Alban. Since she was young, she always had an interest in a) being creative in multiple mediums and b) continually expanding her knowledge . It was exciting to talk about her career journey, how she kept herself motivated along the way, and other topics.

Who are some creatives you're inspired by?

@ux.patricia for even delving into the future space and technology.

@samanta.ux for her approach to accessibility and her effort of of educating designers on it!

@miguelmakes for his inclusion design lab and the push for inclusive design.

These designers are very inspirational for their pursuits to encourage and remind others that there is plenty under the design umbrella that we need to consider!


What are some resources you'd like to share?

I'd love to share my Notion link as it's a hub of XR resources. I update it as often as I can!

If you're into the AR/VR space at all, take part in Facebook Reality Labs panels to stay up to date with research in the field.

Also, some of the folks I mentioned above share their knowledge through carousels on Instagram or have created a lab dedicated to inclusion. Follow them at those handles—you won't be disappointed!

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