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How to Know if a Job Opportunity is a Good Fit

How to Know if a Job Opportunity is a Good Fit

Suggestions on resources to use when researching a company and also how to assess if a job opportunity is right for you.
3 Ways to Find WOC Run Brands Offline

3 Ways to Find WOC Run Brands Offline

For those who prefer IRL shopping, here’s where to find some great WOC makers in a city near you.
TCTLE Rebrand

TCTLE Rebrand

We took some time off in 2021 to restructure and come back stronger.
Career Resources for POC

Career Resources for POC

Sharing is caring! Here is a list of links to career information I’ve come across that has either helped me, or is created with POC in mind, or both. This list will be updated regularly, so make sure to bookmark it!
A Conversation w/ Kim Alban

A Conversation w/ Kim Alban

We talk about her career journey, how she kept herself motivated along the way, and other exciting things.
GIF of Patrick Stewart reading in a lounge chair. Caption says "all I require is to sit in the sun and read my book. Alone."

Books Written by POC for Kids and Adults

Diversify your bookshelves. Start with these suggestions!
Collage of six products made by women of color.

WOC-Run Brands We've Bought From Personally 💵

We just don’t talk the talk, we walk the walk.
Portrait of Lauren-Ashley Barnes dressed in a white sleeveless blouse and yellow patterned midi skirt. Dark hair is worn down. Bracelet on wrist.

Interview: Lauren-Ashley Barnes of Pineapple Sundays Design Studio

Meet Lauren-Ashley Barnes, the founder of Pineapple Sundays Design Studio, a Stationery and Gift Company.
Portrait of Maker, Katherine Kisa of K Kisa Fine Art and Craft. She is a Black woman with her arms crossed. Wearing a white sleeveless top, one of her leather cuffs, and her hair is in an afro. Her arms are crossed.

Interview: Katherine Kisa of K Kisa Fine Art and Craft

Meet Katherine Kisa, the founder of K Kisa Fine Art and Craft, a jewelry brand.
Portrait of Maker Tehmina Brohi of Istani. She is a Pakistani woman wearing a white turtleneck and a gold chain. Her dark hair is worn down and parted in the center..

Interview: Tehmina Brohi of Istani

Meet Tehmina Brohi, the founder of Istani, an independent clothing label based in New York City.
Portrait of maker Lorenia Henriquez of Luni. She is a Latina woman with her hands on her hips, looking off into the distance. She wears a white dress and her hair is shoulder length and curly.

Interview: Lorenia Henriquez of Luni

Meet Lorenia Henriquez, the founder of Luni, a jewelry brand.

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